1934 Citroen Rosalie


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French title
Chassis # 83061
Engine No. FS01100

- Old and rare version
- Two owners only since 1955
- In good condition
- No reserve

The Traction Avant was introduced in early 1934 in the 7 CV version, with all the ingredients that made it a revolutionary automobile for its time.

The Traction Avant 7C that we offer was purchased by André Trigano in November 1978, the previous owner having had the car since 1955! The car retained its old registration number "490 X 09", issued under the new system when it came into force in 1950. It is one of the oldest versions of the Traction Avant, but it features the rack and pinion steering system that came out in 1936, from the serial number 80331 on, which makes the car a more enjoyable drive. Being a 7C, it is powered by the 1.6L 36bhp engine and, unlike the earliest examples, it has an opening rear trunk.
This 7C received an older restoration, with an olive green body and black wings. The grey velvet interior was redone some years ago, as well as the carpets and the headlining has some stains. A water temperature gauge has been added to the dashboard and the car is equipped with a circuit breaker. The car seems to be sound, although it has some particular points of surface rust on the fenders and the wheels.
This is a particularly interesting model because it is an early one. With its appearance and technology, it stresses its extreme modernity compared to the other brands of cars of the same era and will delight lovers of rare versions of the Traction Avant.

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