1971 Citroen M35


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French title
Chassis n° 0417

- Two owners, well preserved original condition
- Rare prototype
- Record of one of the most original projects in automobile history
- No reserve

The M35 project was one of the most unusual episodes in contemporary automobile history. At the end of the 1960s Citroën became interested in the rotary piston engine being developed by Felix Wankel. To test and improve this system, Citroën decided to extend the testing to ... its clients. A few dozen loyal Citroën customers were selected to take part in the project by buying an M35 prototype. This example, built by Heuliez, has a 2+2 Coupéé body derived from an Ami 8, fitted with a 995cc Wankel engine (corrected engine size) producing 49 bhp DIN. The prototypes were all presented in the same metallic colour and numbered. Naturally, the clients were given special treatment by the manufacturer who arranged to lend a replacement car in case of any problems. The initial objective was to build 500 cars but the final figure was just 267. However, as Citroën had planned to talk about 500, the numbering of the prototypes was not continuous and there was a gap between 175 and 376.

This explains why the M35 presented here carries the number 417, making it one of the last ones to be built. It was first registered on 8 January 1971 and the car was bought by André Trigano from its first owner on 27 October 1980. It is in strictly original condition, appears never to have been repainted and is in sound overall condition, with some signs of use. It still bears the Citroën servicing stickers under the bonnet and the interior is in almost unused condition. This car, which will be recommissioned prior to the sale, is a rare and a historic record of a bold project like no other.

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