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French registration papers
Chassis No.: DSFE01FE6224

Exceptional restoration
One of the latest Prestige built
French elegance at its height!

The rarest and most luxurious model in the "D" range, the DS Prestige was introduced in September 1958, well before the Pallas era. The luxury is overflowing... The layout designed by Les Ateliers Chapron is à la carte... Everything is possible, everything is possible! Intended almost exclusively for the great leaders of this world, it raises the rank of the DS even higher! About 450 DS Prestige have been built, of which an estimated 60 are still to be built.
The model we present to you is simply the most beautiful DS 23 Prestige we know. It is simple, its restoration was carried out without limit of cost by its owner, very attached to call upon the best French craftsmen. The entire mechanics, the running gear and suspensions as well as the electrical wiring were completely redone by the Daunat Garage in the Yvelines. The whole cabin has been redone at Baron Sellier's in Rochetaillée-sur-Saône, renowned for the quality of its workmanship, and finally the bodywork redone a few decades ago has not moved! All the sashes are perfectly aligned, there is no trace of corrosion, the quality of the chrome, the flexibility of the joints and the depth of the paint are a tribute to the mastery and excellence of those who worked on this restoration.
During our test with Tom Daunat, grandson of the founder of the eponymous garage, the car amazed us with its handling. Nothing has been left to chance down to the last detail. As Frédéric Daunat, Tom's father, rightly told us, the time devoted to restoring this car could only reach this level of perfection. As pleasant behind the wheel as it is well installed at the rear, it is important to note that all accessories work and that the central window separating the driver from the rear passengers is electrically operated (a very rare option). A small but important detail, our model has kept its rear door handles with locks identical to those of the front doors... Those who know the model will understand why!
According to Olivier de Serres' excellent book, there are 345 models of Citroën handrails, only about ten of them for the latest vintages, especially in electronic injection. This carburettor version is therefore a real rarity! Happy to have achieved this result, his current owner is selling it for health reasons and hopes that his successor will take it to heart to maintain the condition of this vehicle at the level he deserves. A choice piece in all collections, a singular, rare, exceptional car!

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in La Ferté-Vidame, at the Citroën Centenary, France, on July the 21th, 2019.
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