1969 Citroen DS

21 Prestige ex. Citroën CEO Mr. Bercot


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    Original Condition
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French registration
Chassis number: 4643579
Exceptional history
Rare prestige version
Original condition

The vehicle we present is a DS 21 Prestige manufactured on September 23rd, 1969. It was used as a model for a series of photographs accompanying a press release addressed to dealers, in order to present this model to a wealthy clientele. It was used as a company vehicle by Pierre Bercot, Citroën's number one from 1958 to 1971. The registration certificate, updated in 1983, is still held by Automobiles Citroën and is still registered in the name of Automobiles Citroën. This model in Comfort finish, soberly equipped, humble and innovative at the same time, is in the image of Pierre Bercot. This man and this car are inseparable. Hired by Michelin in 1937, he was appointed assistant to Pierre Boulanger to support him in the management of the chevron brand. A discreet man and promoter of innovation, he took responsibility for the VGD program (which led to the DS), giving André Lefebvre carte blanche to create an avant-garde vehicle. Today, this model is in its strict original condition, having never been restored, its exceptional history alone justifies the most beautiful restoration.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in Sochaux, at the Aventure Peugeot Museum, France, on September the 20th, 2020.

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