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Following the revolutionary DS19 introduced at the Paris Motor Show in October 1955, Citroën created a successor to the model with the DS21. The 21 improved on the 19 with an increase in power from 75 to 125 hp. Both featured hydropneumatic suspension, allowing the vehicle to operate while balanced on three wheels if necessary. Until the 1950s, coachbuilder Henri Chapron primarily worked with chassis from Delage, Delahaye, Hotchkiss, and Talbot-Lago. Automobile construction using a monocoque structure came into favor in the 1960s, which made coachbuilding a challenge. Coachbuilders such as Chapron were forced to find another platform for their creations.

First displayed at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show, the DS21 Le Leman was a stylish coupe undertaken by Chapron without the approval of Citroën. To accomplish this, Chapron purchased complete DS21s, rather than just the chassis and engines, and then made modifications to existing coachwork. Approximately 27 examples of the Le Leman coupe were completed. The Mullin Collection purchased this exquisite Citroën Le Leman in 2015 from Yveline Cardron in France, according to the car’s file. Since that time, the DS21 has been exhibited at the Mullin Automotive Museum. Finished in a marvelous two-tone livery of blue metallic and silver, this Le Leman coupe is further complemented by elegant chrome trim and rocker covers. This DS21 is a striking piece of Chapron coachbuilding history that is sure to be an exciting addition to any collection or concours field.

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