2007 Citroen C6


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French title
Chassis # 135
Engine No. 25279

- The six-cylinder version, rare and exclusive
- Easy to use and drive
- Flagship of the range
- No reserve

In the late 1920s, Citroën was on the rise and therefore decided to move to the next level. After the four-cylinder engine models, Citroen unveiled at the Paris Salon in 1928 the C6 (as well as the C4), which was powered by a six-cylinder. This engine had the same bore and stroke of the four-cylinders of the brand, giving it a displacement of 2.5-liters and allowing it to develop 45bhp. Aesthetically, the car was distinguished from C4 in particular by its longer bonnet, but the differences were not pronounced, which hampered the development of this model as clients found it too close to the looks of the less prestigious model. The C6 was nevertheless, an excellent car, soft and comfortable, and benefited from regular improvements throughout its production run, until it was taken off the catalog, along with the C4, at the end of 1932.

The old restoration of this C6 limousine shows its age through several cracks and a general patina. The interior has been redone in striped fabric and shows no signs of use; however the car has not been driven for a long time and will require re-commissioning. The small front wing lights are missing. There are few survivors of this Citroën six-cylinder engine, and, by completing the restoration of this one will surely allow the new owner to own a very rare and exclusive Citroen.

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