1926 Citroen C3


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    Convertible / Roadster
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French title
Chassis # 76938
Engine No. 75591

- Emblematic "Trèfle" version
- Quality restoration
- Universally appreciated
- No reserve

Although it appeared at the Paris Salon of 1924, three years after the launch of the 5 HP, it was the body style which had the most popular impact: on a lengthened chassis, it had two seats at the front and one at the rear in the center. This configuration gave the model its name: "trèfle" (clover). The spare wheel was relegated to the back, which freed up the sides, even if getting in was through one side only. In the process, the 5 HP adopted in 1925 the "round" wings, identical to those of the steel 10 HP. On the mechanical side, the cooling was improved by the presence of a fan. The 5 HP had great success and in 1925 its production figures were equal to those of the 10 HP. It was taken off the catalog in 1927, because André Citroën preferred remaining faithful to his one model policy. The 5 HP, still very popular, disappeared slowly with the arrival of the all-steel body B14.
Purchased in 2000 by André Trigano, this Type C3 "Trèfle" has undergone a complete restoration of high quality. The woodwork has been redone and the paint is beautiful. The chrome is in good condition and the black leatherette interior was redone with care. The hood is in impeccable condition and the indicators have been added for better safety in traffic. The mechanicals have obviously been overhauled. This small Citroën symbolizes the success of the brand and, with its three seats in a clover formation, and its characteristic yellow color, it matches the pattern of the most emblematic of the 5 HPs. Its charm will surely win over all enthusiasts.

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