1931 Citroen B2



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French registration papers
Chassis No.: 111106

- Probably the only B2 survivor bodyworked by Manessius
- Complete
- Normal registration!

In the spring of 1919, Citroën issued the following press release: "Citroën launched the first mass production French car". The birth of the 10 Hp type A is therefore announced and this, at a price unbeatable: 7500 Francs (a quarter of the price of a 1914 car). Production began with 30 cars, then the rate increased, so that 22700 cars were built until December 1920. The mass-produced vehicle is a 4-seater, 3-door torpedo, with a wheelbase of 2.83 m and a displacement of 1327 cm3 for 8 fiscal HP. From a technical point of view, two innovations should be noted: the electric starter, which now avoids the chore of cranking (especially for women) and electric lighting. It was not until June 1921 that Type A became first the 2B and then the B2. It is the latter name that commonly refers to it, but Citroën documents make a distinction. The evolution of the engine with these 1452 cm3 propels the type B to 75 km/h. On the other hand, the B2 offers three other main bodywork models: the three-seat torpedo, the three-seat interior driving, the famous doctor's coupé, the four-seat, three-door interior driving. The 3-seater torpedo with the rear at the stern of the boat with two seating arrangements, either in cloverleaf or with a sliding rear seat and folding seat, both located to the right of the driver. In this last position there are two trunks: one in the back point, the other in the driver's back. During the 1920s, the trend was towards large bodywork manufacturers, who, on request, dress their customers' chassis according to their desires. Among them, Manessius settled in Levallois Perret, who will dress the most beautiful cars of his time.
The car presented here is a B2 first put into service in November 1931, which seems to be late compared to its probable date of construction. Today in a state of wreckage but complete, it would be an extremely rare survivor of a few B2s transformed at the time by Manessius. It was found in a field in the 1980s and saved by the current owner who found it in an ad in the LVA newspaper. The registration card is miraculously present! The engine is complete and not seized. On all the fittings the number 113 is found and probably corresponds to a serial number at Manessius. Some traces of a flexible coating on the sheet metal are still visible in places. A reconstruction could be considered to revive this car. All the curves and elements are miraculously present.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in La Ferté-Vidame, at the Citroën Centenary, France, on July the 21th, 2019.

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