1924 Citroen B12


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French title
Chassis # 164266
Engine No. 1205SH

- Correct presentation
- Ideal body for touring
- Simple to use and maintain
- No reserve

For André Citroën, the methods of American mass production were the perfect example to follow and thus Citroën was the first French manufacturer to adopt the production of "all-steel", as per the patents of Edward Budd. This system forced him to invest in an expensive stamping process, but it had the merit of simplifying manufacturing by eliminating the complex wooden structure on which the conventional bodies were mounted. Additionally, it provided improved impact resistance. Launched in 1924, the 10 HP Type B10 was the first Citroën to benefit from this progress. Like any innovative model, it had its initial teething problems, which were solved by the next version, the B12, introduced in October 1925 and which received a stiffer chassis best suited to its body. Moreover, this model featured brakes on the front wheels. Powered by a 1.5 liter engine, this rugged and reliable car could get to a top speed of 75 km/h.
The B12 on offer has a torpedo bodywork with an early restoration, but which has been properly preserved, and the car is in its original configuration. The leatherette interior has been redone, but the original door panels, which were in a quite good condition, have been preserved. This B12 offers a simple finish, devoid of chrome, and the dashboard, which is complete, is also very simple. The bench seats at the rear and the beige canvas soft top is in correct used condition. With its fully openable bodywork, this car promises delightful drives on country roads.

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