1953 Citroen B11


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French title
Chassis # 320693
Engine No. E02122

- Quality restoration
- With bumpers and trunk lid
- Nice upholstery
- No reserve

Since the launch of the first type A, André Citroën continued to evolve and improve his models and adopt innovative technical and industrial solutions. Thus, from the B10, the bodies of the cars were made entirely of steel, according to the US Patent Budd and, in parallel, André Citroën equipped his plants with tooling that allowed for an increase in production rates and mass assembly procedures. This development made Citroen the number one French marque in 1928, with production exceeding 300,000 chassis. Unveiled in 1928, the C4 kept up the momentum and presented a modern design for its time. The C4 F was unveiled at the Paris Show in October 1930 and had some improvements such as engine rubber mountings and a new steering box. It can be compared very favorably with its rival from Billancourt, the Renault KZ 3: even if the engine power was similar, the Renault weighed almost 500 kg more.

This sedan C4 F has received a quality restoration and is equipped with a two blade bumper and a rear trunk. It has recently been repainted and has a beautiful interior in fabric which has been redone. The chrome parts are in superb condition and a beautiful radiator cap with a water thermometer sits on the hood, and which overcomes the lack of instrumentation on the dashboard. This is a fine example of the classic C4 sedan, a Citroën archetype of the early 1930s.

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