1964 Citroen Ami


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French title
Chassis #: 9325334
Engine No: 0293018916

- Rare in this condition
- Original design
- Numerous accessories
- No reserve

With its reversed rear window, tilted parallel to the windshield to improve passenger comfort at the rear and facilitate access to the boot, the Ami 6 surprised everyone on its launch in 1961. The car popularly known as the "3 CV", was the intermediate model between the 2CV and the DS. While maintaining the robustness and many features of the first, the Ami 6 offered a superior finish. As it was heavier than the 2CV, the engine therefore needed an increase of its capacity to 602cc, developing 25.5bhp on the car on offer. This car was registered in 1984 in the Rambouillet area, near Paris. The car landed up in the Cote d'Or region, where in 2009 the car received repainted in a very Sixties' sky blue.
The upholstery in red fabric newly redone adapts very well and we can acknowledge the remarkable condition of the interior: the dashboard and instruments seem like new. Moreover it features some rare vintage accessories such as the "Gege" grille, an aluminum roof rack and a "radioën" radio integrated into the dashboard.The same year, the bearings were changed, the master cylinder brake was replaced as well as the crankshaft's rear ring. A very popular car, today it is very rare to find one in such a beautiful state even more when fitted with such accessories.