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"The Type AC4 (the AC meaning André Citroën and the 4 representing the number of cylinders) was launched in 1928 in the Paris Salon as was the six cylinder AC6 both of which shared similar styling, albeit that the AC6 had a longer bonnet than its four cylinder sibling. The AC4 was available in a variety of body styles including Berline Luxe, Conduite Interieure Luxe, Familiale Luxe, two and four seat Cabriolet Décapotable, Two & Four seat Faux Cabriolet, Torpédos and Taxi. The AC6 was also available as a Coupé de Ville. In 1929, both vehicles were modified and renamed C4 and C6 and with a number of further modifications remained in production until 1932.We are pleased to offer this wonderful piece of French social history. Built in 1929, this Citroën AC4 Taxi is presented in excellent order throughout, its black and turquoise livery being somewhat more cheerful than the typically austere all black taxis often seen. The taxi was discovered in a barn in France and was imported into the UK during the 1990s, restored and UK registered on 29th June 1995.The quality of that particular restoration is evident by the condition this example is presented today. It is in the detail that this particular offering really shines. The lights are powered by the 12 volt electrics system, however, there are beautiful oil powered parking lights mounted on the side panels just below and forward of the doors whilst discreet indicators have been added and to the same pattern as the brake lights to the rear. The interior is where it really shines, look at the detail of the interior light, the Jaeger instruments, the taxi-meter (currently not connected), the black leather driver’s seat, fold down passenger seats, the Dralon trimmed rear passenger seat and the lovely inlay to the wood dashboard and door trims. Further details include, a brake servo, standard fitment at that time and, unlike a British taxi, the luggage space has a door that, to cater for larger suitcases, may swing forward and attach to the front wing; note the cut-out so that the door will clear that wing. Climbing into the driver’s seat, you will notice that the pedal arrangement is of a standard layout with the brake pedal central. This Citroën starts easily, the 1628cc four-cylinder engine coming to life after only a few turns and sounds so much more modern than you might expect. The opening rear passenger roof, known as a landaulet, is in good order and operates as it should. This fascinating Citroën is ready to be used immediately and ideal, perhaps, for weddings, special occasions or just fun. “Taxi!”

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