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Swiss registration papers

- In the same family for 30 years
- Good accessorized
- The most successful version of the first generations

Introduced in April 1934, Citroën's first Traction Avant was then a "Petite Voiture" registered in the catalogue as a complement to the 8, 10, 15 Rosalie range. It is then a 7HP, 1,303 cm3 bore-travel 72x80. It still lacks breath and is replaced by the 7B, 9hp of 1,529 cm3 in 78x80. In the meantime, an 11hp has arrived in the catalogue powered by a 78x100 engine, so logically, a third generation of 7s is emerging, the 7C, whose 9hp and 1,628 cc engine is standardised with that of the 11 with 78x100 bore-race dimensions. This time the 7C has something definitive, its 36 horsepower engine gives it a good dynamic, it easily crosses the 100 km/h mark. Citroën presented it at the October 1934 Motor Show, accompanied by the roadster and faux-cabriolet versions; if the very first 7Cs resemble the 7Bs, they would very quickly be distinguished from the previous series by a fully sheet metal roof. Better built and especially with a reinforced housing, the 7C is equipped with a second generation floating engine, more pleasant because it is much less "floating", in conjunction with the installation of Glaenzer-Spicer universal joints and Spicer hydraulic shock absorbers. Fortunately for users, a year later at the October 1935 Motor Show, Citroën presented the 7 (and 11) with a rear panel with an opening trunk. A rack-and-pinion steering system completed this package in the spring of 1936; the 7C became a homogeneous and brilliant car, becoming extremely popular and was produced until 1940.

First registered in June 1936, this is a model marking a transition that still has two ventilation flaps on the deck and an opening trunk, here enhanced by a Supless luggage rack. Purchased in France more than 30 years ago by the current owner, the car had - according to the statements reported by its previous seller - been hidden under the straw in a barn during the war, which most certainly explains the low mileage indicated on the meter. Repainted in black, its original colour must have been the elegant wine burgundy visible on the dashboard. Regularly maintained and running smoothly, this car still has its original interior and is equipped with Dunlop wheels, very specific to this model. Indeed, following strikes at Michelin, Citroën had been forced to use another supplier. It was therefore Dunlops who equipped some Traction produced during the strikes of 36! Meticulously maintained and nicely accessored, it is the most successful version of the first generations of Traction. This model with its unique history should seduce fans of the kind.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in Lyon, France, on November the 9th, 2019.

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