1987 Citroen 2CV


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    35 PS / 26 kW / 35 BHP
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1930s is an incredibly difficult, but also interesting period for European motoring. Projects of numerous cars were dropped or abandoned because of the outbreak of the World War II. Such was the case of the Citroen 2CV. In 1939 250 prototypes were created, but there was no official launch. The car was first unveiled in public in 1948. When it went on sale it was already a little bit dated, but its supposed purpose was to be an affordable means of transport for the people. Over time though, the French fell in love with the ‘duck’ and it became a part of the furniture on French roads. The 2CV offered at the auction on March 17th is a late model made in 1987, towards the end of production. It is a 2CV 6 Club version. A couple of years ago this car was meticulously restored. It is difficult to find a part that was not replaced or repaired. A factory fresh, zinc-coated frame was imported from Belgium, new axle shafts and electrics were fitted. Carburetor was professionally refurbished. Interior was restored using appropriate materials, a new roof top and new tires were also fitted. Cherry-black paint is a nod to the Charleston version, whereas the quality of metalwork is virtually spotless. The car is shiny and looks like new. Its two-cylinder horizontally-opposed engine springs to life without any issues, runs smoothly and the noise it makes is a pleasure to the ear. The owner will hand over a full photographic documentation of the restoration process. Cost of such work is definitely higher than the proposed starting price, which makes this Citroen a particularly attractive offer. Despite its young age, the car belongs to a model line with a rich heritage and is an example of a practical, easy to maintain classic car that’s universally loved among other road users.