• Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    40 143 km / 24 944 mi
  • Car type 
  • Reference number 
  • Drive 
  • Condition 
  • Interior colour 
  • Interior brand colour 
  • Number of doors 
  • Number of seats 
  • Location
  • Exterior colour 
  • Gearbox 
  • Performance 
    9 kW / 13 PS / 13 BHP
  • Drivetrain 
  • Fuel type 


* Fahrzeugstandort: Bovenden,

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-Farbe: grau
-Stoff: grün
-12 PS
- luftgekühlten Zweizylinder-Boxermotor
-H-Nummern möglich

French title
Chassis n° 1080070

- Trigano collection
- Early version
- Restored example
- Legend on wheels !

"It is not a car, it's a way of life": this is just one of the mottos inspired by the 2CV, a car with 100 faces, whose brilliant design made it an unparalleled success. A genuine monument in French automobile history, it will be engraved forever in the collective memory. When it was launched in 1948, there was nothing like it on the market. With soft suspension and high ground clearance, it coped well with bumpy roads, and being front-wheel drive with excellent weight distribution it offered unusually good road holding with a high standard of comfort for a car of this type. Above all, the simplicity and genius of the design made this a lightweight and economical car.

The body of this 2 CV AZ 425 cc has been restored and the floor at the front, in poor condition (a common problem for this model), has been strengthened from inside with a double layer of sheet metal. In the engine compartment, it appears that only the heating ducts are absent. The interior has been refurbished, with new fabric and elastic to the seats, renewed door-linings and the overall presentation is nice. The hood is in good condition and the odometer records 40 141 km. In short, only minor finishing touches are needed to perfect the presentation of this 2 CV AZ. Being an early version, but benefitting from 425cc, it warrants this extra attention, as the bulk of the work has already been done.

Dieses Citroen gehörte seit 2016 zu einer großen sowie gepflegten Privatsammlung. Alle Fahrzeuge des älteren Herren wurden in geschlossenen Räumen gelagert und regelmäßig bewegt. Aufgrund seines Alters hat er beschlossen, sich von diesem Fahrzeug zu trennen. Wunderbar erhalten, wartet dieses Ente auf seinen neuen Besitzer.

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