1952 Cisitalia Speciale


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1952 Cisitalia 202 SMM Spider Nuvolari Evocation
Designer: Piero Dusio

Estimate: $125,000 - $1550,000

Chassis Number: 157SC
Engine: 1220cc OHV inline 4-cylinder
2 X Weber Carburetors
4-Speed Manual Transmission
Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes

Groundbreaking Italian Design
Evocation of Celebrated Model
Recent Italian Importation

The Model – Prior to WWII, Piero Dusio had lived a fascinating life creating a conglomerate that was successful in the sale of fabrics, the hospitality industry plus banking and distributing sporting goods. The last part was near and dear to Dusio as he was an accomplished athlete in soccer and a notable race car driver. During WWII, he dreamed of creating his own car company and was able to enlist the help of two veteran engineers from Fiat to make his dream come true. Leaving Cisitalia in 1949 to move to Argentina it is rumored several of his cars followed him from the Italian motherland. Among the most accomplished models was the Nuvolari Spider, named in honor of the championship driver who had campaigned in the early post-war years behind the wheel of an early Cisitalia.

The Car – The history of this particular car has been lost to the ages. From research, it appears the serial number was originally assigned to a Pininfarina bodied coupe. Our consignor was told that this hand-crafted alloy body was created and mounted to this chassis in Italy, using the old-world methods of trial-and-error for the fit and finish. The engine has the appearance of an original Cisitalia unit with the Weber DR3 carburetors mounted in place. The coachwork is very similar to existing examples of the Nuvolari Spider, but there are a few shortcuts in the craftsmanship that might take some further research and explorations to determine who, when and where this rolling piece of artwork was created. Mechanically functional, this roadster was recreated to the craftsman's interpretation of an authentic Cisitalia chassis and the drive train, in homage to the marque. This could be an diamond in the rough for a collector that appreciates one of the most celebrated designs in automotive history.