1964 Chevrolet Impala



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Designer: William “Bill” Mitchell

Estimate: $43,000 ­- $55,000

Chassis Number: 41447U151469
Decoded: 4=1964; 14=Impala series; 47=Formal Roof 2­dr hardtop; U=South Gate, CA assembly plant; 151469=51,469th 1964 Chevrolet scheduled for production at South Gate
Engine: 409 cid OHV V8
2 x 4­-barrel Carburetors / 425 bhp
4-­Speed Manual Transmission
Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes
Mileage: 20,466

● Full-Size, High Performance
● Sales Winning Styling
● Restored with Eye Towards Authenticity

The Model: From 1960 to 1964, the American car market saw some dramatic changes and Chevrolet had been at the forefront. From offering one basic passenger car body shell in 1959 to four for 1964, Chevrolet claimed they could “build the one you want”. That year a lot of people wanted the full-­size Chevrolet Impala SS and what better way to have it equipped than with the big­-block 409 V8, topped off by a duo of 4­barrel carburetors backed up by a 4­-speed transmission. With crisp styling and a wide range of amenities, this year the Super Sport trim level became a full-­fledged model. Before the birth of the muscle cars there were performance cars and the Impala SS embodied everything that was good, room for up to four passengers, climate control, audio entertainment and comfort. With over 185,300 Super Sports being sold for the 1964 model year, Chevrolet had created another success.

The Car: During the early 1960’s, the bigger the better seemed to be the mind­thought of engineers and performance guru’s in Detroit, and Chevrolet’s mighty 409 was about the biggest and baddest of them all. This Super Sport 2­dr hardtop has been built to the specifications just about any admirer of a full­-sized hi­ppo car could wish for; Silver­-Blue metallic with white vinyl bucket seats and under the hood has been planted a 409 V8 engine topped off by a pair of four-­barrel carburetors, rated at 425 horses. Add to that such driving aids as a dash-­mounted tachometer, power steering and brakes, a little comfort with factory air-­conditioning, then a period correct AM­/FM radio, quite rare for the day, and you have the perfect package. Imagine yourself behind the wheel of this Impala SS and the smile you will wear will make the Mona Lisa jealous.