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To be OFFERED AT AUCTION at Auctions America’s Fort Lauderdale event, April 1-3, 2016.

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$350,000 - $380,000 US

Operating between 1949 and 1982, Yenko Chevrolet was the Chevy dealership located at 575 West Pike Street in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. This now-famous dealership is best known for selling modified musclecars in the late 1960s, with their efforts firmly centered on the development of horsepower and speed. Commonly referred in conversations today as "Yenkos," these rare cars are among the most collectible 1960s vehicles.

In 1966, Don Yenko was taken with the Chevrolet Corvair's handling, and applied for SCCA approval of the Corsa model for racing. The sanctioning body permitted the cars with back seat removed and upgrades to the Corsa engine, therby increasing horsepower and torque. The 100 1966 Corvair Corsas that received certification were all painted white with blue striping, and were called the "Yenko Stinger".

When the Camaro was introduced and entered the pony car battle in 1967, Yenko transplanted Chevrolet's fearsome 427-cid, 425-hp L72 V-8 engine and, with the combination of other high performance components, created the Yenko Camaro. The 1967 and 1968 427 Camaros were so impressive that, in 1969, Yenko utilized Chevrolet's Central Office Production Order (COPO) system to have L72 engines installed into Chevrolet Camaros, Chevelles, and Novas on the factory assembly lines.

The Chevrolet Camaro's pedigree can be traced through four generations; with the first generation 1967 Camaro, it featured a unibody structure from the windshield and firewall back, with a separate steel rail sub-frame for the systems up front. Double A-arms made up the independent front suspension while the solid rear axle was suspended by semi-elliptical leaf springs. The base $2,466 1967 Camaro Sport Coupe was lean and aggressive and owners had the ability of picking or combining individual options or trim packages called Rally Sport (RS) and Super Sport (SS).

Meticulously restored in its original color of Code E Deepwater Blue, this incredibly rare Yenko Super Camaro has a white nose stripe and immaculate black bucket seat interior. This stunning example is reported as one of only 54 Super Camaros that was built by the highly respected crew at Yenko in 1967. The Yenko has a limited chain of ownership and is accompanied by a COPO Connection verification letter and certificate. The Camaro SS is further backed with copied documents of the dealer sale and Yenko invoices.

Driven by the renowned L72 427-cid Turbo-Jet V-8; the Yenko Super Camaro’s are stated to be tuned to the state of approximately 450 horsepower. This unit is paired with a Muncie four-speed manual transmission. The engine bay is equally well presented as the rest of the car, and the driver’s side chromed valve cover has a “Yenko Tuned” sticker on display. Additional equipment consists of side pipe exhaust system, air induction hood, front and rear spoilers, Rally wheels, BFGoodrich redline tires, AM radio, below-dash Stewart-Warner gauges, steering column-mounted tachometer, power brakes, seatbelts, spare tire, jack, lug wrench and hood pins.

The exterior is embellished with appropriate SS markings, dealer tag (Jay Kline Minneapolis) on the left rear fascia, Yenko Tuned Canonsburg, PA. window stickers and Yenko badges on the right rear fascia and on both quarter panels at the front.

Because of the Yenko Camaro’s great rarity, tremendous power output and relatively low weight, they are considered as being among the quickest and most valuable Camaros ever built. The opportunity of seeing one on offer is a rare occurrence in itself; don’t let your prospect of acquisition get left in the dust.
1967 Chevrolet Yenko Super Camaro SS 427

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