1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air


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Designer: Harley Earl

Estimate: $77,000 ­ - $90,000

Chassis Number: VC55S171437
Decoded: V=V8 engine; C=Belair series; 55=1955; S=St. Louis, MO assembly plant; 171437=71,437 Chevrolet passenger car scheduled for production at St. Louis
Engine: 350 cid OHV small­-block V8
“8­ Stack” Fuel Injection / 400 bhp (est.)
Turbo Hydramatic Transmission
Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes
Mileage: 3,650

● Popular Vehicle New and Customized
● Outstanding Workmanship
● Potential Show Car Winner

The Model: When the 1955 Chevrolet was released late in the fall of 1954, it took the auto world by storm. With a new small-­block V8 engine and superb styling this Belair wasn’t a home­run, it was a grand slam! As hard as it is to improve upon perfection, customizers and rodders immediately started to look for ways to get more horsepower and tastefully alter the looks of these sharp rides. Today, 60 years later, the improvements keep on coming. Over the years Dave Cole’s little V8 has seen expansions in displacement, dozens of different induction methods, scores of exhaust improvements and a multitude of innovations, some good, some not so much. But every once in a while the right build comes along with the proper mechanics combined with just the right amount of styling changes to create a winner.

The Car: Finished in Jet Black, this 1955 Belair Sport Coupe is a beauty to behold. The exterior is close to stock with the exception of the 1957 Corvette grill and Boyd Coddington billet­ aluminum wheels. Inside also maintains many original styling cues but with modern materials for the seats and electronic instrumentation. The real thrill here is under the hood with the 350 “crate” motor topped off with a Borla “8­stack” fuel ­injection system. It may have some old­school touched, however, it’s as modern as you can get. Back that up with the Turbo Hyrdamatic, and this is one Chevrolet that looks good sitting still and even better tooling down the road at speed. Outstanding workmanship is displayed with smooth body panels, a plush yet fully functional interior, and a sound indicating this is not just a show­boat, it is a go­boat, inviting you to be the captain of this land going performance vehicle.