1924 Cadillac V-63


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1924 Cadillac V-63 Limousine
Registration no. BF 8446
Chassis no. 63E296

Founded by Henry Leland and Robert Faulconer, the Cadillac Automobile Company of Detroit, Michigan completed its first car in October 1902, and the firm's superior manufacturing technology - precision gear cutting was Leland and Faulconer's first speciality - soon established it as the foremost builder of quality cars in the USA. Always innovators in automobile technology, the company continues to produce cars recognised everywhere as symbols of wealth and prestige.

In 1901, Olds Motor Works had contracted for the supply of Leland-built engines and when unforeseen circumstances frustrated the plan, Leland and Faulconer formed their own company using funds supplied by two of Henry Ford's ex-backers, taking its name from the great French 17th Century explorer who had founded Detriot in 1701.

Cadillac's first automobile was simple runabout powered by single-cylinder engine - known as 'Little Hercules' - that was an exemplary performer by the standards of its day. From these humble beginnings Cadillac rapidly expanded its range, adding a large four-cylinder luxury car at the opposite end of the scale yet within a few years was heading for bankruptcy. Faced with decreasing demand for both its main products in the wake of a nationwide economic slump, Cadillac responded with a new medium-priced car - the Model 30 - which was introduced in December 1908 and succeeded in reviving the company's fortunes.

Cadillac was among the pioneers of the V8 engine, introducing its first such power plant – a 314ci (5,147cc) 90º L-head unit – for the 1915 model year. Within a decade, Cadillac's V8 had undergone a number of improvements, gaining detachable cylinder heads in 1918 and an inherently balanced 'cross-plane' crankshaft for 1924, before undergoing wholesale revision in its detail design for 1927 and enlargement to 341ci (5.6 litres) the following year. The chassis too had seen considerable change, four-wheel brakes being standardised in 1924.

This Cadillac V-63 limousin was imported from California and first registered in the UK on 1st October 2017. Noteworthy features include a folding windshield, wooden wheels (in good condition), full-length running boards, blue velour upholstery, and pull down blinds. All lights, gauges, horn, etc are in working order, and the interior and its woodwork are in good condition, steering wheel included. The vendor advises us that the car runs and drives very well. Offered with a V5C Registration Certificate and old US title.