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- World’s most expensive car in 1957 - The pinnacle of 1950s luxury and technology - Comes with the iconic vanity kit - A stunning example, still with its original interior - The ultimate Cadillac Halo Car - Formerly part of the legendary Harrah Collection As the Henry Ford Company failed in 1902, one Henry left and another, Henry Leland, arrived. Leland’s job was to sift through the remaining assets. He did so and convinced investors they could still be a viable company using his proven one-cylinder engine. In honour of Leland’s distant ancestor and founder of Detroit, the company was rechristened the Cadillac Automobile Company. Precision manufacturing, reliability, and parts interchangeability became Cadillac’s hallmark. While perhaps hard to fathom today, the concept of interchangeable parts was a novel idea back then. Cadillac’s reputation grew as did the demand for more powerful cars. Cadillac’s introduction of V12 and V16 engines in 1930 kicked off a ‘cylinder war’ among American luxury car manufacturers. And it was for a brief period in 1957 when they would truly compete in the highest echelon segment once again. In 1955, Cadillac unveiled the Eldorado Brougham concept, and indicator for the car which was to come just two years later. Upon its release it was clear that this was no ordinary Cadillac, with its gleaming stainless steel roof, pillarless design and suicide rear doors it was truly in a league of its own. Despi