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2014 Cadillac CTS-V 4-dr Station Wagon

Designer: Bob Boniface & Robin Krieg

Estimate: $30,000 - $55,000 Without Reserve

Chassis Number: 1G6DV8EP7E0141035

Decoded: 1=USA; G=GM; 6=Cadillac; DV=CTS-V; 8=Station Wagon; E=Seat belts and air bag restraint system; P=LSA 6.2L V8; 7=Check digit; E=2014; 0=Lansing, MI Assembly; 141035=Unit sequence.

Engine: 6.2L "LSA" OHV V8

Supercharged/556 bhp

6-Speed Automatic Transmission

Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Odometer: TBA

Epitome of Performance and Convenience

Appreciation of these Car Starting to Grow

The Fastest Cadillac You May Ever Get to Own

The Model -A high-performance sporty Cadillac, why not? A genuine factory built Cadillac station wagon, why not? A high-performance sport Cadillac station wagon, are you nuts? But that is just what Cadillac brought to market when they introduced the CTS, and then stepped it up a notch with the "V" edition. The "V" represents "Vette" as in Corvette. This was the ultimate grocery-getter, which made sure the ice cream wouldn't melt. If it is starting to get warm, leave the container on the air-conditioned bucket seats. Station wagons are a rare commodity in today's automotive scene and rarity isn't the reason to be looking at this Cadillac. The CTS-V wagon is a powerful beast that was perfected in 2014. With 556 HP and 551 pound-feet of torque, there isn't much on the road that this car can't pass, well except maybe for a gas station. But when you're driving a car this cool, who cares about MPG, it is MPH that matters.

The Car - Cadillacs have always made an impression, from their bold styling to the aura of luxury. This CTS-V wagon is no exception. Pampered and loved, cared for and fed on a regular basis, the sparkle of the paint, the glint of the chrome wheels makes it the center of attention wherever it goes. 0-to-60 times are well under the six-second mark which is pretty remarkable for a car that weighs something north of 2-tons. It has all the fixin's for a luxury ride, heated and cooled bucket seats, power everything, navigation, complete entertainment center, including a backup camera, plus the comfort of owning such carefree performance family wagon. Many of us in the collector world are friends and having a station wagon to take others to dinner is so convenient. Giving them a ride in this CTS-V can be both the appetizer before the meal and a post dessert non-fattening treat. There are some claims that owning a car like this might even help boost one's testosterone levels too. Sadly the CTS-V wagon has been discontinued and an equivalent sedan would run north of $90,000 out the door. Put your hand in the air and set your price of this beautiful Cadillac wagon!

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