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1965 Buick Riviera 2-dr Hardtop

Designer: Jock Twombley

Estimate: $20,000 - $40,000 Without Reserve

Chassis Number: 494475H954394

Decoded: 4=Buick; 94=Riviera; 47=2-dr hardtop; 5=1965; H=Flint, MI assembly; 9=Riviera; 54394=Unit Sequence.

Engine: 425 cid OHV "Nailhead" V8

4-barrel Carburetor/325 bhp

"Super Turbine" Automatic Transmission

Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes

Odometer: 56,650 miles

Ultimate Expression of Buick's Riviera

Superb Workmanship and Presentation

Always a Favorite Among Buick Fans.

The Model -Watching Ford single-handedly take over the personal luxury market with the four-seater Thunderbird, got the folks at General Motors to return to the drawing boards and come up with a competitive model. Rakish lines, the most luxurious appointments and plenty of horsepower under the hood were to be the main ingredients. Early on the aim was to market this car as a Cadillac, but Buick protested and was eventually awarded this new sporty coupe. Calling on a name that had originally been used to describe the pillarless hardtop model, the Riviera was a marketing sensation. Priced comparable to the T-bird hardtop, this new Buick soon established its own niche in the automotive world. Introduced for 1963, two years later the design was perfected when the two pods on the sides of the grille concealed stacked headlights behind two motorized grills. With a powerful V8 engine, nearly every power amenity you could hope for, and looks that were distinctive and pleasing all combined to make owning a Riviera a status symbol for success.

The Car - Finished in its original shade of Arctic White, this Riviera is stunning in its design and presentation. Fitted with the legendary "nail-head" V8, there is plenty of power to cruise the boulevard, and to do it with class and elegance. The plush bucket seats are covered with matching white leather while the wood accents set off the controls and instruments for the driver's delight. This Riviera appears to be an original and unrestored car, with the odometer showing below 57,000 miles. As the engine comes to life, the assortment of power equipment responds to the driver's wish. With gleaming chrome, supple seating and all of the components in-tune with each other, it will be just as comfortable at the end of your journey as it was at the start. The list of power equipment includes steering and brakes, front seat and windows, plus the radio antenna for the Sonomatic push-button AM radio. Keeping the car comfortable is factory air-conditioning and to wipe your nose sits a tissue dispenser under the dashboard. In recent months these first generation Rivieras have become hot-property, and leading the pack are the 1965's with unique and attractive styling from all angles.

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