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    Convertible / Roadster
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    United States
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The Type 43 was launched in the spring of 1927 and was developed from the Type 38, from which it took axles, brakes, steering, radiator and gearbox. The engine, on the other hand, was a 2.3 liter supercharged unit taken from the Type 35B grand prix car. A slightly shorter wheelbase chassis was used, waisted in the center to follow the body lines. It was hailed as a road car with the qualities of its racing sister, and was well suited to sporting events such as the Alpine Trial, hill climbs and circuit racing while retaining all the capabilities of a long distance fast touring car.

Described by the late Hugh Conway as 'one of the four really great Bugatti models', the Type 43 was among the very first road cars to be offered with a top speed of over 100 mph. It was also expensive, selling on when new in 1927 at a list price of £1200. Autocar's European correspondent W F Bradley owned a Type 43 in the late 1920s and wrote, 'This model has all the characteristics of a racing c

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