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    71 000 km / 44 118 mi
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    Convertible / Roadster
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1990 - BMW Z1

French registration
Chassis N° : WBABA91020AL02079

Maintenance book
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About 71 000 kms from new

A true rolling prototype, the Z1 was a very modern concept at its launch, and will be the new roadster of the brand with a propeller since the BMW 507. Frankfurt 1987, the small BMW astonishes by its new lines and the use of modern composite materials. The engine-gearbox combination is that of the 171 HP 325i e30, positioned centrally at the front. The weight distribution is thus 50% between front and rear. The car's performance is impressive thanks to its balance and rigidity, the weak point of convertibles, and the road holding is irreproachable. Developed by BMW's design office as a technological showcase, the rear axle, for example, is multi-link, the result of a unique concept of the time and allows very fast cornering without stalling. But one of the main originalities of this roadster and what makes it so charming today are its retractable doors that slide into the lower bodywork to disappear. The pleasure of driving with all doors down is an extraordinary sensation in a BMW, it feels like a small English roadster or even a buggy. Sold at the price of 366.000 francs in 1988, 8000 copies of this atypical car will be sold from 1987 to 1991.
The Z1 presented here is a model from 1990. Sold new in France, this model is in red "top rot" colour and the interior is in two-tone leather specific to the Z1. The current owner has owned the car for almost 10 years and the maintenance has always been carried out with care as the BMW notebook attests us. The paintwork is of the highest brilliance, the interior is factory original and the leather has no wear and tear. The soft top is in perfect condition as well. Recently the timing belt was replaced as a simple precaution. A few weeks ago the BMW has vigorously travelled more than 500 km to reach Paris. Proof of its perfect mechanical condition and indeed our test was in all points conclusive: the 6-cylinder engine makes a noise magnified by a stainless steel exhaust line, the gearbox is fast and precise, and what a joy to drive with your hair in the wind!

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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