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French registration
Chassis N°: 593756

Great concept
Rare on the market
Full restauration

At the end of the 1940s, after the war, the microcar vogue developed. These small cars, often powered by a motorbike engine, are more comfortable than a two-wheeler. The Italian brand Iso presents the Isetta at the 1953 Turin Motor Show. It is particularly distinguished by its front door which opens, taking the dashboard and steering wheel with it, giving access to a small two-seater bench seat. An ingenious car, it attracted other manufacturers who chose to produce it under licence, such as BMW in Germany. At that time the brand with the propeller was on the verge of bankruptcy and the development of this small car was to prove to be a saving grace. With a length of only 2.28 metres and a featherweight of 350 kilograms, it was more agile than any contemporary car. The adult passengers sat side by side, as in a real car, an asset that no other micro car could offer. The four-stroke engine of the R25 motorbike, a 250 cc single-cylinder engine, provided exactly 12 HP to the BMW Isetta 250 when production began in 1955.
The Isetta presented here was put into circulation in 1961. Coral red and ivory colour, the interior is in beige fabric and brown leather. It comes with a canvas sunroof as standard. It was fully restored in 2019 by the garage "Atelier 46" in Courbevoie. This charming little car has been completely restored, with attention to detail. The bodywork has been completely restored with the chassis repainted with epoxy, as well as all the mechanical parts and the engine. The upholstery was also redone with great care in the choice of materials and finish. Since the end of the restoration only 140 kilometers have been done to run in the engine and make sure that the car runs smoothly. The car is now ready to go for a ride!

ESTIMATE : 35 000 / 45 000 €

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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