1958 BMW Isetta

600 Moretti


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    Convertible / Roadster
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Italian registration
Box No. 127442
Engine No.

€ 30,000 - 40,000

• Incredible version for the beach
• Body Moretti
• Probably an unique model based on an original

1958 BMW Isetta 600 Moretti

The car brand Iso is known for its Baroque and beautiful creations such as the splendid Fidia. They make on forget that the ISO brand, managed by Renzo Rivolta, was originally a brand for refrigerators that after the war turned to making scooters too to meet the domestic market demand. Faced with fierce competition between Vespa and Lambretta, Renzo Rivolta decided to develop other concepts for a slightly up-market idea of mobility. The Isetta was unveiled at the Turin Motor Show of 1953, and if success waas not immediate in Italy, the little Isetta was a sellout in other parts of Europe, especially in Germany under license to BMW from 1955.
The car that we offer is an absolutely exceptional, if not unique, piece. Indeed it is a version built by BMW with the most powerful engine in the range, which has been fully redone at an unknown date by beach car coachbuilder Moretti, the famous Turinese coachbuilder specializing in post-war production of small, but elegant cars. With the advent of small city cars produced on a large scale, Moretti went on to specialize in producing series models on demand. The Isetta in some ways reminds one of the production of the Fiat range by another Italian coachbuilder, Ghia, though on a much more original base. Instead of the front door of the Isetta, four passengers can easily get in from the side into a very 1960s interior. For protection from the sun, the cover supported by metal hoops shows that this bit has also been well thought out. This car, which was hardly used, was part of an American collection, before being imported by a Belgian collector. An Italian collector then acquired it and had the car restored entirely in Italy, in 2012. The registration book shows the car as an Italian car, an Isetta Moretti open car.
This is a really nice car on a very original base and may as well be part of a collection of the best from the Bavarian brand, yet conveying happy holiday times and an aesthetic that nevertheless makes this an unidentified object for the road.