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1994 – BMW 850Ci

French registration papers
Chassis n° WBAEG21020CB11952

Only 1218 copies
Regularly maintained
Unique design

Introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1989, the BMW 8 Series (E31) was meant to be the heir to the 6 Series. More advanced in terms of its engines, styling and technology, it was positioned as a competitor to the Mercedes 560 SEC and Porsche 928 S4. Conceived by the designer Klaus Kapitza, its styling launched the Bavarian manufacturer into a new era. Its blend of flowing lines and a sporty appearance was underscored by its flared wings and pointed nose with retractable headlamps; it was a coupé design with a vertical tail and no central pillar. Overturning the aesthetic conventions which prevailed at the time, the E31 8 Series is still regarded as one of the most attractive designs of its day. Under the bonnet, the 850Ci was powered by an all-aluminium V12 with a capacity of 4988cc developing 300bhp, and then by a 5379cc unit producing 326bhp from February 1994. The centrepiece of the 8 Series, it is remarkable for its ease of use and prodigious torque, while remaining quiet and unobtrusive.

The BMW 850ci that we have chosen for you was sold new in Belgium by the BMW Hindrickx dealership on 16 December 1993. Its logbook shows that regular maintenance was carried out by its first owner, still at the same Belgian dealership until May 2006. It then went to France and was successively serviced by the BMW S.R.D.A, Huchet and then Legrand dealerships. Since 2016, more than €7,000 of invoices have been received for the replacement of numerous aesthetic elements or wearing parts, particularly on the front and rear drive trains. It is therefore a car in good working order that is presented to us, making its 232,000 km almost anecdotal. Inside, the carpets are new and all the on-board equipment is working. Aesthetically, this car has been fully painted in its original Orientblau metallic colour and its superb Alpina rims in near new condition fit it like a glove. The automatic gearbox reacts normally and the BMW V12 runs like a dream. This BMW does indeed have the ideal profile of the Grand Touring Coupé designed to swallow many more kilometres in princely comfort.

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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