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    178 000 km / 110 605 mi
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1981 – BMW 745i E23

Belgian registration title

First hand car
Runs regularly
Notebooks and complete original toolkit

When it arrived on the market in 1977, the E23 type of the 7 Series asserted itself by marking a significant evolution of the Bavarian manufacturer's offer in the luxury saloon segment to compete with the future Mercedes S-Class. Its development lasted five years and benefited from computer-assisted design with equipment that was very innovative for the time, such as cruise control, ABS, on-board computer and automatic air conditioning. We will have to wait until 1979 to see the range evolve with the very powerful 745i equipped with a 3.2 turbo engine of 252 hp! With a torque of 38.7 m/kg and a top speed of 222 km/h, the flagship of the Munich-based firm could boast of driving its four occupants and their luggage on the holiday road at speeds previously reserved exclusively for the best sports cars of the time.

The model we present is a first hand bought on January 30th 1981 at the BMW Jean Blaise Concession in Charleroi, Belgium. Always perfectly maintained, all you need to do is consult its maintenance book, regularly stamped throughout its life, or sit behind the wheel to rediscover its road qualities. Fond of luxury sedans, its owner used it alternately with a Mercedes S-Class to reach his workplace located more than 100 km from home. Today, with 177,213 km on the odometer, the condition of its interior does not fail to match the quality of Germanic manufacture! The thick plastics of the dashboard are in perfect condition, as are the comfortable seats and their navy blue velvet upholstery. Its owner will confide to us, amused, having waxed the woodwork annually in order to protect it from the sun. Externally, the bodywork is beautiful and the sashes are perfectly aligned. Perfectly stretched, the paintwork is the original except for the trunk, repainted in the 1990s. Starting at the first request, the turbo blows from 3,000 rpm and propels you forward without ever running out of breath. Sold with all of its notebooks and user manual, its original radio, its complete tool kit and even its first-aid kit in the rear centre armrest, this is a youngtimer that you rarely see on the roads.

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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