• Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    105 000 mi / 168 982 km
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"In some ways, the E30 was a turning point for the success, some would say world domination, of BMW. From the moment it was launched, it moved the game on in engineering integrity, from performance and handling all the way through to ergonomics and durability. Plus it has always looked sharp, not trying too hard but good enough for all those yuppies, reps and families of the 1980s and 1990s to feel good about the vehicle on their driveway. All this created another new phenomenon, a BMW regularly in the top 10 UK best sellers chart. With all this engineering finesse and ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ marketing makes the E30 BMW one of the more popular, sensible and usable modern classics out there.
Previously owned by an Aston Martin engineer, this lovely E30 is in superb condition. The car is totally standard and unspoilt. After some basic engine maintenance, the car runs smoothly and reliably according to the present owner. In original BMW Cinnabar Red with contrasting grey velour interior, this is a very pleasing old BMW with the renowned and bullet proof 2002cc four cylinder engine. This is the one to have if you wish to embark on the classic car journey, easy and cheap to insure, get in and drive with nothing complicated to go wrong."