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€170,000 - €195,000

  • Converted to Group 5 specifications and raced in the 1976 Six Hours of Silverstone by Gunnar Nilsson and Ronnie Peterson
  • Restored to 3.5-litre CSL Group 2 configurations for vintage racing
  • Eligible for numerous events


According to a former owner in Austria, this 3.0 CSi was to 3.2 CSL turbo specifications to compete in Group 5 and initially raced by Ronnie Peterson and Gunnar Nilsson at the Six Hours of Silverstone on May 9th 1976 as an experimental vehicle. Despite the heavier weight of the basic car, great attention was put toward the rigidity of the chassis due to the brutal power of its turbocharged engine.

Starting life as a BMW 3.0 CSi produced for the 1974 model year, very early on in its life, it was decided that this BMW would compete in the crucible of motorsport within Group 5 in the World Championship for Makes. Campaigned and converted, the car’s 3.0-litre engine was enlarged to 3.2-litres, producing nearly 800 turbocharged horsepower.

The car’s first competitive outing would be at the 1976 Six Hours of Silverstone. The weekend looked promising for the team, with Peterson driving the 2nd fastest time in the first practice session. Unfortunately, in the race the BMW only completed 43 laps, having been forced to stop due to gearbox failure as it could not withstand the sheer power coming from the engine. The car was used just once more at the last round of the Championship in Dijon, resulting in another DNF due to a failed turbocharger.

After its retirement from competition, the BMW remained unused in storage for many years with Austrian collector and historic racer Wolfgang Schachinger without its engine.
In 2005, the remains were purchased by German tuner Niederhof, and the car was completely restored to 3.5 CSL Group 2 configuration with a 3.5-litre, two-valve fuel-injected engine.
Following the completion of the restoration, the car was driven by Alexander Ofner of Salzburg during the 2006 season in the Austrian HISTO-CUP in the colours of the Sponsor “Gösser Beer”.

In 2009, the car was sold to Germany and regularly raced within the DTM/DRM Revival on the Nürburgring from 2010-2013. It is accompanied by an expired FIA Historic Technical Passport issued in October 2011. The car’s consignor states that in its present form, it can be used for track days but will need to have FIA-approved components replaced in order to compete in more serious races, such as seats, racing harnesses, and its fuel cell. Eligible for a variety of events, this would surely be a thrill to enjoy at speed.
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