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1970 BMW 2002 TI

-No reserve
- Chassis n°1690062
- Desirable first series
- Same owner since 1975
- Restored between 2006 and 2010
- collector's registration

A new BMW coupé made its public debut on the occasion of the brand's 50th anniversary in 1966. It was an elegant, modern little two-door saloon powered by a 1600cc four-cylinder engine. The rear seats were very small, and the car's aim was to appeal to a young, modern clientele. A full range of models was derived from this first version. In 1968, a much more powerful model was launched with the same bodywork, but with a 2-litre engine, and was given the name 2002.
The 2002 Ti was the sporty version of the 2002, fitted with two solex 40 carburettors and developing 120 bhp. With this engine, it could reach speeds of 185 km/h, an exceptional performance. Although a Tii appeared later, the Ti proved to be the most reliable and the easiest to use.
The car we are offering you was acquired by its owner from the BMW dealership in Argenteuil on 12/04/1975, as shown by the provisional registration document of the period. Meticulously maintained, its owner recorded all the journeys and repairs carried out on the car in a small notebook. In 1986, the engine was replaced as a standard exchange following a breakage. In 2002, the car was taken out of service.
In 2006, the owner undertook a restoration. The body, affected by corrosion, was redone and the mechanics overhauled. The fittings and interior were left as original as possible. Once the restoration was complete, the car took part in a number of BMW club events, and even a fashion show!
Today we present you with a car in beautiful condition, 54 years after leaving the factory and many kilometres later, it has lost none of its sporty charm.
It's rare to find a car with a consigned history since its purchase. Having remained in the hands of the same owner for 50 years, this 2002 Ti is very endearing.

5 Rue Royale
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