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Chassis no. 4291201 First registered in Milan in 1974, this has always been an Italian-registered car.
Extremely rare, almost unique model for Italy, having been imported into the country for a very short period of time (just a year, from Spring 1974 to Spring 1975).
Only three owners in total, the second one, in Sicily, taking ownership of it in 1984, and the third purchasing it in Abruzzo in 2015.
Still wearing its correct original livery, consisting of Chamonix White 085 with bands in Motorsport colors. It has a “Turbo” sticker (a correct one, with the writing back to front) on its front spoiler.
Equipped with a modified turbine for greater reliability. The original KKK turbine is included in the lot.
Still with its original black leatherette interiors, perfectly preserved.
Some years ago the bodywork underwent several esthetic interventions and was repainted. It has been kept well preserved ever since.
Powered by a 4-cylinder inline engine, based on the 2-liter M10 version. Upgraded Turbo and Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection. The engine delivers 170 HP at 5800 rpm and the car still has its original Getrag four-speed gearbox.
First BMW series model with a turbo engine. Only 1,672 specimens produced, and far fewer still survive today.
In terms of rarity and great driving, you couldn’t really ask for more than this car. The BMW 2002 Turbo is fast enough to put many modern supercars in the shade. Ideal for meetings, an identical model has already taken part in the Pebble Beach concours. It would be practically impossible to find another so well preserved.