1967 BMW 2000



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    42 504 mi / 68 404 km
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    Original Condition
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Offered is an extremely rare BMW Neue Klasse sedan. This 1967 2000 Ti, one of 1750 produced,
was built on an 1800 TiSA chassis. The 1800 TiSA became BMW’s mid 1960’s racing vehicle; 200 examples of the TiSA were built and were only sold to licensed racing and sports drivers.

During the 1950s, the BMW line up consisted of luxury cars with displacements
of two litres or greater, economy cars powered by motorcycle engines, and
motorcycles. With their luxury cars becoming increasingly outdated and
unprofitable and their motorcycles and economy cars becoming less attractive
to an increasingly affluent society, BMW needed a car in the 1.5 to 2 litre class
to become competitive.

In 1960, the "Neue Klasse" project was begun. The team was to produce a new
car with a new engine, which BMW had not done since the 303 in 1933. The
prototype was introduced in September 1961 at the Frankfurt Motor Show as
the BMW 1500 four door saloon. The term New Class referred to the 1.5 2
liter class of automobiles from which BMW had been absent since World War II.
The real fun started in 1964 with the 1800TI (touring international). Using a
twin carb setup and hotter cam developed by Alpina, it spun out 110 hp. And a
racing oriented 1800TI/SA with Weber side drafts upped that to 130hp. The
whole sporting future of BMWs to come started with this 1800. And what a
future that turned out to be.

In 1966, BMW launched the 2000 series which increased the 1800 motor
displacement to 2000 (1993cc). In order to continue racing, they needed the
TiSA chassis and install the 2000 liter motor so they could compete in the 2.0
liter class. The M10 motor, designed by Alex Von Flakenburg, is the motor upon
which BMW staked their reputation in racing touring cars as well as production cars.

Hubert Hahne wasn’t the only successful driver to race BMW saloon cars, but he was the driver who performed the Neue Klasse’s most impressive feat yet: by setting an unbelievable time on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. It is a track that’s supposed to bring out the best in drivers, and often does. The ultimate evolution of the car in 1966 saw the Neue Klasse fitted with a 2.0 litre engine with more than 120 horsepower in production specification a figure no doubt beefed up by BMW’s nascent motorsports division for Hahne. The 1966 German Grand Prix was held at the track, and before the Formula 1 cars sounded off, a number of support races were held, including one for touring cars. Hahne’s 2000 TI was, predictably, a front runner, but the
crowd wasn’t ready to process what they were about to see. Hahne drifting over nearly the entire race set a timed racing lap of less than 10 minutes, a feat that likely had everyone watching wanting a brand new BMW 2000 TI.

Motorsport edit
A BMW 1800Ti/SA won the 1965 Spa 24 Hours touring car race.
A BMW 2000ti won the 1966 Spa 24 Hours touring car race.
Hubert Hahne won the 1966 European Touring Car Challenge (Division 3) driving a BMW

https://petrolicious.com/articles/in a single lap the Neue Klasse launched BMW’s racing success

About this car:

Beginning with a 2.0 liter engine, the car is equipped with dual side Italian
Weber draft carburetors mounted on TiSA intake manifolds along with 2002 Tii intake
manifold airbox. The flow is increased by an Abarth exhaust system. The forward
movement is enhanced by a Getrag 245 overdrive gear box.

The interior is rather special with the BMW Sport black and oxblood interior. A
TiSA steering wheel provides the driver with a feel. An ether driven temperature gauge
along with an original Blaupunkt radio sit in a dash covered with the rare Elephant skin
The outside amenities include a rare early trunk antennae, CIBIE fog lights and
5.5” by 14” Ti steel wheels with rare early hubcaps

This 2000 Ti is as unique as they come and can be enjoyed as is or restored to be a show
winner. The rarity makes this car extremely collectible.