1970 BMW 1602

1602 – Rallye with Alpina Engine “Scuderia Bavaria”


  • Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    64 354 km / 39 988 mi
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BMW 1600-2
BMW AG Munich, model year 1970
First registered in Germany in 1970
First delivered in Germany
Austrian documents, special permit with entries
Vehicle identification number: 1895822
Listed in the EG: 4 cylinder engine, 1.563 l., 95 Kw, Alpina engine also listed
Engine identification number: n. a.
Gearbox: manual transmission
Mileage displayed: 64.354 kilometers
Body color: white
Interior: n. a.
Maintenance notification: entries in papers
• Vehicle may only be used by persons in possession of a valid driver's license issued by OSK or FIA.
• Tires: 205/60R13 75T on alloy wheels 6.5Jx13, Alpina KBA 40149
• Alpina engine with 2 double Weber carburetor Type 45DCOE, air filter 1600ti, camshaft 304 Alpina, fan-type exhaust pipe Alpina
• exhaust system, chassis frame and brake system from the BMW 2002 turbo
• BMW fender enlargement
• special steering wheel PETRI 838
• roll bar Alpina (HISTOR.)
• Special authorizations: identification of operating devices, warning lights and indicators, electromagnetic compatibility, 3rd brake light missing, safety belts, exhaust fumes, side impact protection, brake fluid level can not be identified, towing gear, glass, operating sound
• The Austrian special permit specifies the following: The vehicle may only be used on 120 days each year. Usage must be documented in a driver's logbook and presented to authorities upon request
• FIA/CSI homologation #5117 / group A: standard and touring cars addendum J in copy
Other extras: HALDA odometer
Condition report linked in detailed description
Special conditions: 15 % buyer's premium plus VAT
Collection and storage conditions: see detailed description

Additional Information & Condition

This historic racing/rally BMW 1602 was rebuilt by the Scuderia Bavaria after manufacturer's specifications in 2009. Cars in the colors white/blue, like the BMW factory cars, featured a B 10 engine with a strong torque and 1990 ccm. The camshaft with 298 degrees, Weber carburetor with adapted intake manifold and other specifications provide an output of ca. 150 hp. The car features, among others, sports seats and belts as well as seat heating, a 40% locking differential, 4.11 rear wheel transformation ratio, Bielstein damper with factory rally settings, turbo brakes and a 90 liter fuel tank. It also has two fuel pumps, a reinforced body and shock absorber mounts, boosted steering and Cibie Super Oscar brights and two Hella spread beams.
This BMW 1602 Rallye is a complete and professional 2009 rebuild on a steel body after BMW rally specifications from the early 1970s. All works made by Scuderia Bavaria.

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