BMA Amica


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- Baldi Mini Auto, born in 1971, in Alfonsine, Ravenna, produced mini cars based on the Piaggio Ape. In 1992, it was purchased by the Grecav Company and, in 1997, it definitively closed its doors. In its 26 years of history, BMA produced only 3 models, respectively the Amica, Brio and Nuova Amica (the latter the only one with 4 wheels).
- The Amica model, by far the most successful, was a three-wheeler, on the chassis/engine base of the Ape Piaggio and offered since 1972, with a displacement varying between 50cc and 250cc.
- The Amica can be recognised by its unusual shape and its gullwinged doors, in canvas.
- Twin-cylinder, 2-stroke in-line 250 cc engine
- The model offered has never been registered or used and is in the same condition as new.
- A fun mini car, at that time in Italy you could drive it without a licence it has minimum dimensions: 2.15 metres long by 1.40 metres wide and a weight of only 285kg.
- A rare model, testimony to an era, its condition as new. Unobtainable.