1969 Bizzarrini 1900 GT Europa


  • Year of manufacture 
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  • Chassis number 
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  • Exterior brand colour 
    Red / White
  • Interior colour 
  • Number of doors 
  • Location
  • Exterior colour 
  • Gearbox 
  • Performance 
    200 PS / 148 kW / 198 BHP
  • Drivetrain 
  • Fuel type 


A very special example: it has a lightweight chassis and a more powerful engine of about 200 PS
It was intended to be used in rally but never ran
One of just 12 originally manufactured Europas
This was the last example produced
Italian first registration kept for 35 years by the first owner before sold to France
Restored in 2010 by Diomante
All documents were checked by Auctomobile
Other features: possibility of assisting with registration, transport, insurance, storage and Trusted Checkout payment
Please note that this car will be available for viewing by prior appointment in Prague, Czech Republic

Following the Palace Revolt in 1961, Bizzarrini left Ferrari and eventually set up on his own in 1966, producing the 5300 Strada and P538 sports racer. However, Bizzarrini also sought to produce a more affordable sports car, resulting in the 1900 GT Europa in 1967.
Unlike the 1900 Europa’s older brother, which was powered by a Chevrolet V8, the smaller Bizzarrini drew its power from the robust 1900-cc Opel engine, developing 110 bhp and mounted amidship between the front axle and the driver. Weighing just 650 kg (thanks to the use of fiberglass for its body) and boasting independent suspension, a limited-slip differential and four-wheel disc brakes, the Europa was a potent prospect. It is believed that just 12 were built, so this is a car you aren’t bound to see that often. Back in 1966 however, the 1900 GT Europa was the star of the Bizzarrini stand at that year’s Salone dell’Automobile in Turin and one of the most notable prototypes in the whole exhibition, holding its own in the popularity contest with more well-known cars like the Dino 206, Maserati Ghibli, and De Tomaso Mangusta. The “baby” GT by Giotto Bizzarrini!
The GT only weighs 650kg, but the drive and the handling feel more stable than a similarly not-heavy Lotus perhaps, and in the bends the car always responds neutrally and behaves exactly how you’d want and expect something of its size and layout to. The interior’s look is not what you’d call refined, as this is more or less a working prototype with plates on it, but it’s black, mean by way of eschewing any luxury beyond basic upholstery and gauges—it looks racing-oriented, and in short, it’s just so Bizzarrini!
Bizzarrinis are rare cars indeed, with the 1900 GT Europa rarer still. This Europa represents an infrequent opportunity to acquire a sleek GT from one of the masters of car design.

This example was sold new to Italy in 1969 to Giovani Caruso who kept it 35 years before donated to his son who sold it to France. This car is very special because it has a lightweight chassis and a more powerful engine of about 200 PS. It was intended to be used in rally but never ran. The car was restored by Diomante in 2010.

We have to share the experience with this car from today's photoshooting. This car is really exceptional, it is called the Baby Bizzarini, but it would deserve also the name Baby 250 GTO, because the designer of this car is the same as the one of the most expensive car ever sold, the Ferrari 250 GTO or the Baby Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, a real ART ON WHEELS! And it is not only the look, that makes it special, it has only a four-cylinder Opel engine, but how this small rallye engine from 1969 can sound, that is just another unimaginable experience! You can experience this only with a few cars in a lifetime!