1886 Benz Ideal

Benz Patent-Motorwagen Trycicle (Replica)


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Chassis n°81

The 1886 Benz tricycle is generally regarded as being the first automobile ever. It was certainly the first vehicle of the modern era, powered by an internal combustion engine and capable of covering a certain distance in the hands of its' driver. Built on a light tubular chassis, this tricycle was fitted with a horizontal single cylinder engine with trembler coil ignition, and movement was transmitted to the rear wheels through a simple belt and chain system. The engine was fitted with a cooling and lubricating device.

In 2002/2003, Mercedes-Benz built a hundred examples of an exact replica of this historic automobile, intended principally for display in dealers' showrooms. Extremely faithful to the original, these replicas were built to run, with no concessions made to modern technology. It is an exceptional tribute to the workmanship of the early pioneers and gives us an opportunity to experience how it must have felt to create these first machines.
This example, bought on 1 December 2003 by Mercedes-Benz France, will be re-commissioned before the sale. Being a faithful replica of the original, it cannot be road-registered, but is suitable for demonstrations on private property. It promises to provide an unforgettable experience.