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What's in a name? Plenty if that name is Bentley and the subject is big, fast saloons. The Turbo R might have owed a bit to Rolls-Royce in engineering terms (and it did) but the combination of a huge, force-fed V8 and all the pomp and circumstance the Bentley badge conjures up still makes for a package for which the word imposing could have been tailored. Tailored in Saville Row, at that. Bolting a turbocharger to the V8 gave the R its sub-16 second quarter-mile and 220km/h top whack, but making something with its own postcode actually handle was the big rabbit out of the hat. Bentley's white-coats sat down and did some figuring. To make it all go round corners, the solution was to boost the roll stiffness by a full 50 per cent. That meant a 100 per cent stiffer front sway bar, a 60 per cent stiffer one at the rear and damping that was also increased hugely. Oh, and a Panhard rod was added to the rear end, too. That it works at all is a testament to the sort of faith that helped win the Battle of Britain, and it makes the Turbo R a world-class motor.
This beautiful Bentley Turbo R was supplied new by Jack Barclay Ltd of London on the 12th of September 1990, there is a copy of the original sales invoice indicating an on the road price of a cool £95,716.65, not bad considering the average house price in 1990 was around £60,000 pounds. There is also a copy of the factory pre delivery inspection sheet which gives a fascinating read into how these cars were built and tested at the Crewe factory before the days of modern computer systems. The familiar shape of this Bentley silently transmits an aura of understated quality, luxury and absolute comfort.
We are informed by the vendor that the current mileage of just under 35,000 is absolutely genuine. This is supported by previous MoTs and stamps in the service book. The original handbooks and manual are provided along with MoTs dating back to 2006. The Cream bodywork has a deep lustre throughout, all panels are dent free and all shut lines are reassuringly straight.
Twist the ignition key and the six and three quarter turbo charged V8 fires instantly. We are informed that you merely sit up high and look out over the sea of a bonnet, press the accelerator and the engine simply pulls relentlessly through the rev range. Acceleration is adequate (think more of Business Class in a 747 at take-off speed); the Bentleys accelerative abilities feel as mighty as the rest of the car.
You can sense the superior build quality of these cars in everything from the satisfying thunk of the door as it closes to the high quality finish of the interior and the old world stuff like the organ-stop controls really do add to the sense of occasion. Sold with an MoT until April of 2015, this Turbo R does make sense for those who prefer the front seat to the back.





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