1979 Bentley T2


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BENTLEY T II (1979), CHASSIS N. SBH37023, ENGINE: V8, DISPLACEMENT: 6750 CM3, POWER: ADEQUATE, BODY STYLE: SALOON, A BESPOKE PICCADILLY BENTLEY; Founded by Walter Owen Bentley in 1919, Bentley Motors quickly became the motor car of choice for those who could indulge in the best compromise between sport and luxury. The Company went under in 1931, and was acquired by Rolls-Royce. From that moment to 1931 the two Brands lived together, and Bentley was used for a number of sportier versions of the main Rolls-Royce models. The Bentley T Type was launched (with the Silver Shadow) in 1965 with the 6230 cm3 V8 engine and was the most sophisticated new model ever designed by Rolls-Royce, as well as the one with the longest and most successful career . The T Type was the first Bentley ever designed with a monocoque, which made it possible to reduce the weight and to give the new car a lower and more modern line, still maintaining the same interior space and comfort which made these car legendary. It was later modified with a 6750 cm3 engine. In 1977 a Second Series was launched, as Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II and Bentley T2. With a new modern fascia, a very sophisticated climate control system, and new energy-absorbing bumpers, the T2 was produced just for three years, in 568 units only. In the same period, 10,566 Silver Shadow II came out of the Crewe factory, while the previous series (admittedly run for eleven years) gave 1,712 Bentleys and 18,493 Shadows. The two versions had exactly the same price of £ 19,495 plus taxes, i.e. £ 22,809 all in. The differences were minimal: only the radiator grille and the hubcaps had a Bentley logo (even the rocker covers and the instrument dials had the Rolls-Royce logo on most T Series Bentleys!), and therefore Bentley sales were at their lowest in this period. They were only bought by those clients who appreciated a slightly more understated image. Still, Bentleys had the same inimitable qualities, materials and hand-made feel of any Rolls-Royce, and in some cases, like this one, some bespoke finishes. It was bought in 1979 by Aquascutum of Piccadilly, which had a similar positioning as Bentley’s, being an historical company selling high-class menswear mixing tradition with sportiness. Surely this car was a Piccadilly star, driving Aquascutum’s Chairman, or their best customers, to the Company’s flagship store. This Bentley T2 therefore is a very rare late model with a unique livery, in mostly original condition, with low mileage and perfectly kept. It represents a rare opportunity to purchase a T2 in perfect shape. The vehicle is in excellent mechanical condition but for safety reasons, we advise the purchaser to have it checked over and to replace the fluids, filters and perishable elements.