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- Previously sold by us to a famous Rockstar - The 2nd car built to this body design - Rare Factory sunshine roof and air conditioning - Beautifully restored in its original Colour scheme - Delivered new to the Netherlands in December 1959 - One of only 22 LHD examples produced - Original purchaser correspondence and purchase invoice on file Standing proudly in its original colour combination of Shell Grey coachwork with Blue Connelly hide. Wilton carpets bound in leather, handpainted coachlines and wheel embellishers to match the main hide. White wall tyres and sports lightweight seats make the car look sensational. Built to order of Mr. H Smeets, after placing an order for the 'new continental' following the model unveiling earlier in the year in London. This example was the first European delivered car and the 2nd car built to this body design of 97 cars in total in both right and left hand drive. 71 of these cars were right hand drive examples and the remaining 26 left hand drive. Original invoice and correspondence to H.J Mulliner are a fascinating read, Dated June 22nd 1959: ''Dear Sirs, You will have heard by now from Mr. de Beaufort of Grund in Utrecht, that I have placed an order for a new Bentley Continental. I am placing this order now before I know anything about the chassis and very little about the body, because I am in a hurry to get the car as soon as possible after the exhibition in London and if possible delivery in November. Apart from everything else that is normally Included in a Bentley, I would like to give you my requirements for this special body, but most of them or all of them will probably be standard and be incorporated anyway, but I just want to make sure. Please bear in mind and this is very important, that the car will be both chauffeur driven for business when I shall be sitting in the back-seat and reading, but also owner driven for pleasure. The car will of course have left-hand steering by which I mean the steering-wheel on the left when sitting in the car and when chauffeur driven I shall be sitting diagonally across from the driver in the back-seat where I need a strong reading light. My standard Bentley, which I bought four years ago, was equipped with Avon tires, but these were noisy when cornering even when inflated a little higher than standard and I then had Michelin tires fitted, which were rather good and after that Bentley recommended Firestone tires (tubeless) which are very hard and the worst tires I ever had on my Bentley. I hope, that at last a tire can be found, that 1s ''soft'' that does not rumble on pavement and is silent when cornering. I think that tires with separate inside tubes would be better and I wonder if you have ever tried fitting different tires to front and rear to make this fast car ideal. If the shape of the body is suitable for two tone lacquer, then the lower part should be metallic grey and the top part Tudor grey like on the standard Bentley. However if one colour is better, then the whole car should be metallic grey. For the leather I have chosen the colour No.3015 from the 16th edition of the Vaumol Luxan Grain and colour range book. This is a blue, that is not too light nor too dark. The car will of course have power steering and improved ventilation. This is very necessary, as on the standard Bentley, the ventilation on the dash-board was very ineffective in warm weather and opening the windows was impossible at the front, because of the terrific wind-roar at speeds that turned out, was even noisier. I notice that on your drawing you have this same little window. Did you ever try the horizontal louvre all along the top of the front-windows like they have it now on the Rover 3 litre and as you can see it on Alfa Romeo and Lancia special bodies? There should be a sliding roof and some kind of devise, that prevents noise when this sliding roof is opened and you are driving at speed. I have seen these devises on some cars, but am not sure how they wor

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United Kingdom
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