1934 Bentley Derby

"Derby" 3,5 L berline par Mann Egerton


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    B151 BL
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French registration

- Outstanding original condition
- Interesting model
- Sober and elegant design
- No reserve

Found in a castle in the Châteauroux region where it had been forgotten by the consumer society, this elegant Bentley saloon exudes a strange scent of mystery. On the windshield an " Official " sticker appears suggesting that the owner was someone important, with special powers, and on the left front fender, a careful eye will notice a bullet hole: the remnants of a World War II stray bullet? The result of a romantic tragedy perhaps? The enthusiast can let his imagination run wild, carried away by the charm of cracked leather, faded black paint on a noble but discreet automobile that one can imagine disappearing silently into foggy country roads...

This car is one of the very first Bentleys produced by the company when it came under the control of Rolls-Royce. This "Derby" Bentley (as it was produced in the Rolls-Royce factory at Derby) is from the model range that was unveiled in 1933, receiving a six-cylinder 3.5-liter derivative of Rolls' 20/25HP, but in a more powerful version, developing 110bhp. The usual comfort and refinement of the brand was of course maintained, with Bentley receiving the sobriquet of "the silent sports car". The Bentley we are offering is equipped with an aluminum body made by Mann Egerton, a coachbuilder also known for its aircraft manufacturing capabilities. It is in a remarkably original condition and mechanicals are performing perfectly well, but, it will still need an overhaul. The interior and the dashboard are complete. This car represents an interesting opportunity to acquire a Derby Bentley, which has been registered in France for a long time, and preserved in a rare state of original condition.