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Guide price: ??35000 - ??40000.  
- Generously offered with its cherished registration number "2 BXG" and in superb order
- Meticulously maintained with ten service stamps, a sheaf of receipts, and just 12,750 miles
- Beautifully presented in 'T' specification with quilted leather and milled aluminium inserts
- The 6.75-litre turbo engine provides "serious" acceleration with 0-60mph in 5.4 seconds
- Offered in the most menacing colour combination, this car represents incredible value compared to its rivals
 The Bentley Arnage 'T' laid claim to the title of the world's fastest saloon car in 2002, needing to use all but the last two spots on its 170mph speedometer. Powered by the 6.75 litre Rolls-Royce, V8 engine which had been treated to what Bentley described as 'the most thorough re-engineering of its life', the Arnage produced a whopping 450 bhp and an amazing 645 lbs ft of torque, in no small part accredited to the twin-turbochargers. The other changes included a 'drive-by-wire' throttle to go hand-in-hand with a new electronic stability program and revised suspension. It featured a roll stiffness 57% greater than the Red Label giving the, nearly three-ton car, immense poise. All of this, coupled with a structure that was 10% stiffer than the Red Label, transformed this luxury cruiser into a mile crunching supercar rival, propelling the driver to 60 miles per hour in just 5.5 seconds in a luxuriously appointed cabin.Initially registered to the first of its four owners on 05/03/03, the car was to wear the very special registration number of "1 L", fitting for the status of the fastest luxury saloon car on the market at the time. On 11/06/13, it was re-registered as "2 BXG" and this cherished number is generously included in the sale. The car is an old friend of Silverstone Auctions as we sold it for the car's third owner in 2018. The buyer proudly took possession on 19/05/18 having been pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of a full tank of petrol generously supplied by our previous vendor, a rare occurrence in any motorcar transaction! Our vendor, the car's fourth owner, bought "2 BXG" to complement his extensive collection of cars with the intention of adding more miles. However, as the owner of an internationally renowned travel agency, the car has been little used in the past year.Fastidiously maintained at the following intervals:03/03/2003 Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars Ltd Press & Special Car Support Dept. at 101 miles11/06/2003 Bentley Ribble Valley, Lancashire at 1,371 miles06/07/2004 Bentley Ribble Valley, Lancashire at 4,650 miles06/07/2005 Bentley Ribble Valley, Lancashire at 5,056 miles05/07/2005 Bentley Ribble Valley, Lancashire at 5,634 miles24/04/2009 Bentley Manchester at 6,527 miles27/05/2010 Bentley Manchester at 7,176 miles19/05/2011 Bowling Ryan Rolls-Royce & Bentley Specialist, Bolton at 9,540 miles12/02/2013 Bowling Ryan Rolls-Royce & Bentley Specialist, Bolton at 11,156 miles28/08/2016 RR&B Rolls-Royce & Bentley Specialists, Bromsgrove at circa 12,000 milesApril 2019 RR&B Rolls-Royce & Bentley Specialists, Bromsgrove at circa 12,750 milesThe history file includes the service book and packs with receipts showing maintenance and attention to the tune of some £10,000 since 2016. Although the car has had little use since its purchase from us in 2018, our vendor will have "2 BXG" serviced at RR&B, Bromsgrove to maintain the service record.In 2003, the Arnage T had a new list price of some £160,000, and "2 BXG" today, therefore, represents incredible value for money at this mileage. With the stylish mix of burr walnut dashboard and milled aluminium inserts complementing the quilted black leather, this Arnage T is very much an iron fist in a velvet glove. 

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