1923 Avions Voisin C3



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- Interesting and prestigious model
- Exciting restoration project
- No reserve

Coming without its bodywork, this car has its chassis, rear and front axle, wheels, engine, gearbox, front fenders, firewall with electrical system and dashboard, hood, radiator ... The engine is a sleeve-valve Knight 4.0-liter four-cylinder unit. Pascal Courteault, the author of "Automobiles Voisin" has helped us with important details:
"The C3 was unveiled in June 1922, as a successor to the C1, and it featured cantilever springs at the rear, instead of ellipticals, and a longer chassis allowing bigger coachworks. Offered until 1924 with optional front brakes as optional, which the car on offer is equipped with, over 1700 units of the C3 chassis were made, proving to be one of the best selling and most reliable of the brand. It remained on the sales catalogue till 1927. Sold to the President of the French Republic, the Crown Prince of Japan, several other royal courts and important industrialists, the C3 is one of the few to feature bodies from coachbuilders other than Voisin themselves, as seems to be the case for this one. The C3 also figured in several sporting events, including for example, the extraordinary record on ice, in Sweden, where a Voisin C3 managed an hourly average speed of 169 km/h. in 1923"
The rarity and interesting technicalities of this model warrants a most exciting reconstruction project.