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Following WWII, Gabriel Voisin felt the market was ready for a small vehicle suitable for two passengers that could be driven without a license. With the chassis and bodywork made out of lightweight aluminum, the Biscooter was a low-cost, low-maintenance vehicle. With a basic hood and adjustable windscreen, the minimalist style reflected Voisin’s knowledge and use of aircraft construction methods and his commitment to focus his design for the limited resources of postwar Europe. A four-passenger prototype was shown at the 1950 French Cycle and Motorcycle Show in Paris.

Despite the great interest and positive reception at the show, the successors of Gnome et Rhône/SNECMA, the new owners of the Voisin factory, did not recognize Voisin’s engineering expertise and reputation and did not allow production to proceed on the new vehicle. Voisin soon licensed his original two-passenger design to Autonacional SA in Barcelona. The Spanish firm built and sold over 12,000 units using the Hispano Villiers 197 cc engine. The Voisin Biscooter offered here was the tenth in a series of 15 prototype models. In the 1980s, it was owned by Adrien Maeght in Mougins, France. In subsequent ownership, the Biscooter received a mechanical restoration at the capable hands of Michel Magnin. The Mullin Collection acquired the Voisin in 2011, and it has been on display at the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California, ever since. This important piece of Voisin history deserves your serious consideration.

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