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1979 – Autobianchi A112 Abarth

French registration title

Prepared for rallying with FFSA passport
Took part to the 2019 Monte-Carlo Historic
Last model developed by Carlo Abarth

One of the successes of the second half of the 1950s in Italy was the Fiat 500, a small city car impregnated with Dolce Vita. The fashion for small city cars was in full swing when, in 1969, Autobianchi presented its first large production model, the A112, destined to compete with the Austin Mini Cooper in Italy. At the very beginning, it was the object of research for improvement by Carlo Abarth, head of Fiat's competition branch. That same year, he presented a 105-hp prototype to the Autobianchi management, which was rejected as being too powerful and difficult to drive. Research for a more civilized version continued, culminating in 1971 at the Turin Motor Show where the sporty version of this city car, the A112 Abarth, was finally presented. The small Autobianchi saw its power increase from 44 to 58 horsepower, thanks to an optimisation of the original engine. In 1975, the French importer of the A112, André Chardonnet, decided to enter the Abarth versions in racing events. Their reliability enabled them to win the Monte Carlo Rally and the Tour de Corse in their class.

In view of the A112 Abarth's sporting abilities in competition, many of them have been transformed and prepared to take part in the different events on the historic calendar. The model we are presenting to you is an ideal example of this. Prepared for racing, it provides a sporty driving experience and access to historic competitions such as the Historic Monte Carlo Rally. The running condition is very good, as confirmed by a road test. The lightness of this car makes it a real flea, which was formidable for a good number of sports cars of the time. The general condition of the bodywork is good, as well as the alignments, and the livery is typical of the racing cars of the time. This car has a FFSA passport and is thus equipped with all the necessary improvements for participation in historic events: roll bar, harness, trip master, flat bottom...
The car has moreover covered the Epernay - Vins de Champagne Rally, and finished unhindered the 2019 Historic Monte-Carlo Rally.

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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