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1969 Austin Cooper S

- Genuine factory built Cooper S
- Benefitting from a thorough restoration
- Exact copy of the 1968 Works Cooper S
- Amazingly rally prepared by Cooper S rally champion

The designer of the Mini, sir Alec Issigonis should have never realised what impact his little car would have on the world when the car was introduced in 1959.

The design requests for mister Issigonis were simple. The car had to be affordable, needed four seats for adults and had to be small enough to travel relatively comfortable.

Nobody ever thought that the Mini should become an icon which everybody in the world recognizes.

In the 1960’s the Mini get from a housewives shopping car to the must have fashion accessory, via international stardom onto the rally scene.
Mister John Cooper was able to make the Mini an absolute dream to drive and this was confirmed by the Works spec cars which won the Monte Carlo rally in 1964, 65, 66 en 67.

Everybody wanted a Cooper, and indeed everybody who was anybody in the 60s had a cooper, from The Beatles and Peter Sellers to Graham Hill and even Enzo Ferrari!

But as I learned at my first economy courses. The price of a product is determined by the demand and the availability of a product. So the success of the Mini became also a weakness in the second hand market.

Mini’s have became worthless and were used for all sorts of auto sport. Big trucks drove over the roofs, rally races were done on big fields of farmers and lots and lots of Mini’s have been destroyed.

Nowadays the amount of Mini’s available have been completely changed. It is almost impossible to find a Mini in a nice condition and it is even more difficult to find an example in a nice condition and in the correct specification.


This Austin Cooper S has been converted a long time ago to the original Cooper S works 1968 specification.

The car started life as an original Cooper S MKII and was newly sold to Holland where it was delivered at the 20th. Of October 1969.

When this car was bought by the former owner who is a very serious classic car collector with very impressive cars, the car was bought to the absolute top specialist for this type of car in the Netherlands. A company which is owned by a gentlemen who was a very successful rally driver with this Mini’s in the past.

An enormous amount of money was spend to make this Mini technically in a superb condition.

The complete engine, frame, steering box, gearbox, clutch etc. etc. has been overhauled without looking at any expenses.

The result is a very fast and absolute superb driving Cooper S.

A complete list with the specification of the Mini is available via e-mail. Please contact us via [email protected] in order to receive the mail.


The Mini has been body wise restored as the paint and chrome etc. are far too nice for a never restored example.

The Mini is a beautiful appearance. It shows some small signs of use but overall it is a beautiful car with a nice deep shining paint, beautiful chrome and brightwork and non damaged or scratched windows.

The roof is white as the cars had which were used as Works cars.

Behind one can find the twin tanks which is 1 of the main details of a Cooper S.

The doorgaps of the Mini are nice and the car is certainly a head turner.


The interior is absolutely fantastic in the Mini. The car is restored interior wise also like the Works cars including all buttons, switches and even the original Halda meters.

Specific Cooper S details are still on the car such as the chrome part under the steering wheel and the optional rev counter.
Even the original speed indicator which shows a higher topspeed for the Cooper S is still in the car and this is extremely unique!


The engine of the Mini has been recently serviced. The result is a very fast Cooper S which is running absolutely amazing.

The handling, the power and the brakes are typical Mini. Very direct and a guarantee for a huge smile on the face.

Due to the fantastic preparation the Mini is driving fabulous. We have a Morris Cooper S in our own private collection and to be completely honest, this Mini is driving so much better as our car.

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