1928 Austin 12/4


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1928 Austin 12/4 Windsor Saloon
Registration no. Z 1067 (Irish Registration)
Chassis no. 45750

After the First World War the Austin company adopted a one model policy, producing a 3.6 litre 'Twenty' inspired by the US-made Hudson driven by Herbert Austin. Although the Twenty was intended to be sold not only as a car but also in truck and tractor form too it was nonetheless a commercial failure and nearly destroyed the company. Recovery came when Austin introduced firstly the more modest and affordable 'Twelve' (12/4) in December 1921 and then the diminutive 'Seven' in 1922. The robust side-valve four cylinder engine in the 12/4 initially displaced 1,660 cc but in 1926 capacity was increased to 1,861cc to cope with heavier bodywork. For this larger engine the factory claimed a maximum output of 27bhp at a lowly 2,000rpm, sufficient for 40-45mph cruising speed and fuel consumption of around 26 miles per gallon. Effective four-wheel brakes meant that the Twelve pulled up better than many of its contemporary rivals. The majority of 12/4 chassis were fitted with bodies designed and made in the Austin factory, and the wide range of styles offered included open and all-weather tourers and saloons together with more formal landaulettes and limousines. Demonstrating Austin virtues of sound design and excellent build quality the 12/4 remains a very practical and usable vintage car, and is an enduring favourite with enthusiasts.
This 'Windsor' saloon is believed to have been made in 1928 and is a good example of the firm's closed body offerings. The accompanying replacement Irish buff log book for Z 1067 dates back to 1941 and lists the previous owners as Kelleher, O'Keefe, Wallace, Murphy and Butler, with the last change in 1981 since when the car has formed part of a large private collection. The car benefits from a sensitive restoration and now presents very well. The engine is described as being in excellent condition, with chassis, transmission and high-quality CAV electrical equipment being 'very good'. The bodywork and paintwork is 'excellent' and the similarly described interior is a particular highlight, being 90% original and featuring inviting brown leather upholstery. An appealing example of a characterful vintage saloon, this 'Windsor' would enhance any Austin collection.