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French registration papers as an historic vehicle

The latest evolution of the 3000
Rigorous maintenance
Elegant style

After the 100/6 with its 3l straight-six engine, the 3000, known as the “Big Healey”, starts a successful career in 1959. The body remains the same as the elder but the 2.6l 6 cylinder engine is replaced by a 2912 cc with two SU carburetors and disc brakes at the front. The power of the engine is now increased at 124 hp. This initial model has been produced from 1959 to 1961, the year when the mark 2 has been fitted with three SU HS4 carburetors which rise the power of the engine at 132 hp. This version still had the same BT7 code for the 4 seats and BN7 for 2 seats. In 1962, the comfort of the car is improved when the plastic side screens are replaced by removable screens, and the easy handling convertible hood can be now closed on a new curved windscreen. The last evolution of the 3000 range is finally launched in 1964. Now equipped with two SU HD8 carburetors, its engine develops 150 horsepower. The car will also be fitted with a power-assisted braking system and its rear suspension received longitudinal tie rods. The Mk3 thus appears to be the most comfortable Big Healey. It is also the most luxurious, thanks in particular to its varnished wooden dashboard. For the end of his reign, 17,712 Mk3s were produced between 1964 and 1968.

The car we offer for sale is a 1966 Austin Healey 3000 Mk3 BJ8. Of American origin, this car arrived in Europe in 1990. It has been fully restored by its former owner in the early 90's. The work is documented in an important file provided with the car. Its current owner acquired it in 2005, and has taken particular care in maintaining it rigorously to this day. Racy and elegant in a very homogenous whole, it is equipped with a beautiful two-tone livery in English green and cream combined with a black imitation interior. It has an alpaca bonnet that was replaced in 2005. Its chromes and rims are in very good condition and still have a nice shine. The car is now in a good state of conservation, its mechanics start at a quarter of a turn and its road test gave us complete satisfaction. The most modern version of the "Big Healey", this very well maintained BJ8 represents a great opportunity to get the latest evolution of the mythical English roadster.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in Paris, France, on March the 21th, 2021.
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