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To be OFFERED AT AUCTION at Auctions America’s Fort Lauderdale event, April 1-3, 2016.

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$ 65,000 - $ 75,000 US

The Austin-Healey 100 was introduced to the American market in the mid-‘50s. The man behind it was Donald Healey, who had previously built a limited quantity of very advanced and successful sports cars using Riley engines. The demise of the Riley and the many problems confronting the small manufacturer caused Healey to seek an easier path to making a proper living, so he sold the Austin company on the idea of using production Austin parts to build a sports car aimed specifically at the American enthusiasts. The resulting Austin-Healey 100 was gradually updated during the ensuing years to eventually become the Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III Sports Convertible.

The 3000 Mark III, series BJ8, which was introduced in late 1963 and built through December 1967, was the final version of the beloved “Big” Healey, and it represents the highest refinement of the marque. The car’s design was in the spotlight for over a decade; a long span in this period of rapid automotive development. It served its purpose well both on and off the race track, and as late as 1962 a Healey got as high as eighth place at Le Mans before piston failure put it on the sidelines.

With twin two-inch SU carburetors, the well-developed 2,912-cc, six-cylinder engine of the Mk III could produce 150 horsepower, which was the most of any model in the Austin-Healey line. With a four-speed manual gearbox (this car has overdrive), the car was advertised to accelerate from 0- to 60-mph in just 9.8 seconds, and its top speed was around 120-mph. Other improvements included a revised exhaust system and a vacuum brake booster as standard. The model name 3000 Mark III and the series designation BJ8 are synonymous, and it is only this model within the entire range of Austin-Healeys that features a luxurious cockpit that combines a dashboard of burled walnut veneer, a center console with the curved windscreen, wing windows, and roll-up side windows that had been introduced shortly before on the series BJ7 model.

Presented in Metallic Golden Beige with a black interior and black convertible top (that is recently fitted); this beautiful Big Healey was expertly restored by Hans Nohr of British Auto Specialist in Southern California. The 72-spoke wire wheels are secured with two-eared knock-offs and there is a matching spare secured in the boot. Additional desirable features include an adjustable steering column, heater, Smiths instrumentation, dual sideview mirrors, front disc brakes with rear drums and an AM/FM radio with cassette. This is clearly a fine example of the most comfortable, most weather-tight, and most luxurious of all Austin-Healeys.
1967 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III BJ8 Sports Convertible

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